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4U WMA MP3 Converter4U WMA MP3 Converter is a wma to mp3 converter to convert audio files between various formats and edit ID3 tags in MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG or VOX files with a right click. 4U WMA MP3 Converter converts MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG or VOX from one to another, 4U WMA MP3 Converter can also convert MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723 or RAW to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, or VOX formats, and normalize MP3 to MP3, WMA to WMA, WAV to WAV, OGG to OGG, VOX to VOX.

In addition, 4U WMA MP3 Converter includes ID3 tags Editor and Audio Player. 4U WMA MP3 Converter enables you to edit ID3 tags for MP3, MA, WAV or OGG files, and play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX, MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723 or RAW files.

Finally, 4U WMA MP3 Converter gives you the abilitys to finish above operations with a simple right click on Windows Explorer. and also supports command line for advanced users.

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How to convert wma to mp3 - Download 4U WMA MP3 Converter cOrder 4U WMA MP3 Converter cHow to convert wma to mp3?

You will be supposed to use this MP3 Converter:

  • Convert MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and VOX files from one to another.
  • Convert MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723 or RAW to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, or VOX formats.
  • Support normalizing of MP3 to MP3, WAV to WAV, WMA to WMA, OGG to OGG, VOX to VOX.4)
  • Play MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX, MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, 721, g726, g723 or RAW files.
  • Edit ID3 tags for MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG files.

How to convert copy protected WMA to MP3? New!

How to convert WMA to MP3? So easy!

Built in to Windows itself!


No need to launch 4U WMP MP3 Converter program and then go find your files.

Step1. Just right click the files you would like to convert.

Step2. Select "Convert to MP3" and you're done!


So easy! just a simple right click, you can convert your audio files from wma to mp3, or from mp3 to wma, many formats!






 With a simple click, you can complete following conversion:
  • MP3 to WAV
  • MP3 to WMA
  • MP3 to OGG
  • MP3 to VOX
  • MP3 to MP3(Normalize Quality, Size)
  • WAV to MP3
  • WAV to WMA
  • WAV to OGG
  • WAV to VOX
  • WAV to WAV (Normalize Quality, Size)
  • WMA to MP3
  • WMA to WAV
  • WMA to OGG
  • WMA to VOX
  • WMA to WMA (Normalize Quality, Size)
  • OGG to MP3
  • OGG to WAV
  • OGG to WMA
  • OGG to VOX
  • OGG to OGG (Normalize Quality, Size)
  • VOX to MP3
  • VOX to WAV
  • VOX to WMA
  • VOX to OGG
  • VOX -> VOX (Normalize Quality, Size)
  • AVI to MP3
  • AVI to WAV
  • AVI to WMA
  • AVI to OGG
  • AVI to VOX
  • MP2 to MP3
  • MP2 to WAV
  • MP2 to WMA
  • MP2 to OGG
  • MP2 to VOX
  • MP1 to MP3
  • MP1 to WAV
  • MP1 to WMA
  • MP1 to OGG
  • MP1 to VOX
  • MPC to MP3
  • MPC to WAV
  • MPC to WMA
  • MPC to OGG
  • MPC to VOX
  • g721 to MP3
  • g721 to WAV
  • g721 to WMA
  • g721 to OGG
  • g721 to VOX
  • g723 to MP3
  • g723 to WAV
  • g723 to WMA
  • g723 to OGG
  • g723 to VOX
  • g726 to MP3
  • g726 to WAV
  • g726 to WMA
  • g726 to OGG
  • g726 to VOX
  • RAW to MP3
  • RAW to WAV
  • RAW to WMA
  • RAW to OGG
  • RAW to VOX

Pearls of Praise:

"Outstanding and User Friendly" I found this to be the most user friendly product I have used in a long time. I was easy to install and the right click conversion feature is awesome! --- Ms. Cool

"uh...duh" well actually in the grand scheme of things.... i dont know what imtalking about.....ill just brag about my pC-its a 20ghz processor running 40 gis of RDRAM and WInXP-plus/extreme and has milimeter thin LCD and 30inchscreen...it can fly too!!!! oh yeah...havent tried the software yet --- HBO CHUNK

"Easy to use" This program is easy to use and does what it advertises flawlessly. It took a 4M .mpc file and converted it in about 5-10 seconds. --- Hmmmm

"Fast and easy to find good quality downloads!" I like this website to find awesome downloads quick and easily, and it always gives me a good variaty. Keep it up! --- Jordy

"Easy to use, fast encoding, quality encoding" I've only used this to convert wav to mp3's and haven't tried the other formats yet. But the final mp3 sounded perfect and the encoding process was less than a minute. Interface is very easy to use. --- Mike D.

 Award winning technology!
  4 Star on C/NET5 Star on ShareUp5 Star on BrotherSoft  
 12/18/2002, 4U WMA MP3 Converter 1.0 released
 First released
 Convert wma to mp3, mp3 to wma, wma to wav, wav to mp3
 2/25/2007, 4U WMA MP3 Converter 5.9.2 released
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